Monday, May 18, 2015

Media - it's all about connections!

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QA in media? Of course, and it's from start to finish!

One of my must trusted customers recently sent me a campaign to be run on a favorite site of ours for his type of market. We QA'd the tags before we set them live and all seemed well.

Once the campaign went live, we saw early on an incredible click-through rate which initially made us smile. But within hours, we said to ourselves that it was too good to be true.

Our QA team stopped the campaign, contacted our customer, and had him review his tag, only to find that there was an error on his end that was responsible for what we were seeing.

The tag was fixed, and in 24 hours we had it running again.

This is the difference between having human beings behind your campaigns and programmatic systems. In the latter, no error would have been detected, and the money invested in the tag would have been lost.

At wicis-media we monitor your campaign no differently than a pilot watches his airspeed at all times!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

To robot buy or not to robot buy

That is the question plaguing most media buyers today.

At my previous company, my manager had the idea to implement this in order to lower our costs and increase our profits. We spent several days looking for a company that seemed to offer what we wanted. Once we found the company, we ran a programmatic test buy and the CTR and conversions were really low. So low that we dropped our plan to continue with it early on!

Just tonight, I had dinner with a friend that sells games on desktop. "How are your google-ads working," I asked... After a sigh, she answered. "I have terrible results with all programmatic ads. They never know how to place them intelligently."

But then she went on... "I think that last year, (2014) everybody went out and bought programmatic ads. Much money was spent, and nobody looked at the returns. This year, people are looking at their results, and they are not seeing much. Ad buyers will come back to the traditional approach of buying ads from agencies that know how to place your ads, follow them, move them if necessary, and watch them throughout a campaign."

I totally agree with her. The algorithms for RTB (real time bidding) are just not too smart, and the results most people get when compared to a real human handling your campaign are dismal.

So if you still have your doubts, give us a try and compare us to your best performing programmatic buy.

You are in for a pleasant surprise!